Zoë Noble joins team Toolkit

Please welcome the newest addition to the Retouching Tools team, Zoë Noble!

Zoë is an English Fashion and Beauty Photographer based out of London and Berlin who has worked with some of the true powerhouses in the fashion industry, including L’Oréal Paris, Ogilvy, Etsy and Vogue, with the goal being, in her own words, “to showcase women as strong, authentic, and wonderfully unique.”
Her approach to education is the same as her approach to photography: Break down complex ideas and techniques into simple, teachable steps. She has used this strategy to launch a popular YouTube Channel in the hopes to inspire other self-taught photographers and artists to follow their passions.

Conny Wallstrom

Conny Wallstrom is a software developer turned graphic designer, turned photographer, turned retoucher, based in Sweden. After a long and successful career in programming and software development, he became interested in photography as a hobby, and quickly realized that retouching is a vital aspect of creating beautiful images. He also realized that he hated retouching, with its tedious and repetitive tasks. This led to him drawing from his software development background in order to design and constantly fine-tune and improve a workflow that allows him to spend as little time as possible retouching, and more time focusing on creating beautiful images. He is also the founder and owner of Retouching Toolkit.

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