We are aware that the abilities of the Toolkit can seem overwhelming to new users! We are here to help! We offer video tutorials on our site that demonstrate some of the features available to you. We also have a large community on Facebook that is comprised of members of all skill-levels from around the world, who are more than willing to help.

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Knowledge Base and Video Tutorials

Did you know we have a comprehensive knowledge base as well as video tutorials available?

It is very likely that your question has already been answered. We encourage you to explore these two pages before creating a support ticket:

Personal Support Ticket Request

We do our best to respond to all tickets daily on weekdays. (Please allow some extra time on weekends and holidays.)

Please also specify if you are using the new Apple Silicon M1 processor.
You can find out what version of Photoshop you are running by going to "Help/System Info..." menu inside of Photoshop. It will be at the very top.
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Vacation 2021-07-04 to 2021-07-11

The Toolkit team is on vacation for a week during the above dates, and may be slow to respond. The knowledge base and the video tutorials contain all the frequently asked questions, so make sure to check those out as well.

Please note: If for some reason this contact form is not working in your current browser. Please e-mail directly at support@*
Where * is retouchingtools.com.

This means the ticket is created uncategorised and that also puts it without an owner, so it will take longer to respond. But just as a backup that is a viable alternative.