How to create perfect masks to change colors seamlessly

In today’s tutorial, I’ll show you how to create masks quickly so you can change colors seamlessly. First, I’ll show you how to create a mask using the Color Range tool in Photoshop and then I’ll show you how I’d use the Luminosity Panel to get a more refined mask.

You’ll learn how to:

✓ Create a mask using Color Range tool

✓ Create a mask using the Luminosity Panel by the Retouching Toolkit

✓ Change colors using Curves adjustments

Zoë Noble

Zoë Noble

Zoë is an English Fashion and Beauty Photographer based out of London and Berlin who has worked with some of the true powerhouses in the fashion industry, including L'Oréal Paris, Ogilvy, Etsy and Vogue, with the goal being, in her own words, “to showcase women as strong, authentic, and wonderfully unique.”