Introducing Retouching Toolkit 3.0!


The brand new Retouching Toolkit 3.0 is the evolution of the highly regarded Retouching Toolkit 2.0 Photoshop-panel, used daily by thousands of happy customers.

This new Toolkit is no longer just a simple panel – it is now a full framework that enables complete customizability. At the core of this new framework sits a cross-platform application that connects directly into the Photoshop panels, allowing you to make changes live without ever restarting Photoshop or interrupting your work. If you want to add a new button to a panel, you just drag and drop it into place, then select what command you want it to run. The command can be either an action, a script, a menu item, a tool, and more. At launch, we are bundling the 3.0 Toolkit with all the Legacy features from the old 2.0 Toolkit. But there is more! We are hard at work creating several modules that all customers of the new 3.0 toolkit will get for free. (See below for details.)

We have invested more than a year of full-time development to create what we are convinced will revolutionalize the way you edit your images.

Modules, modules, and more modules!

Just like in the old 2.0 Toolkit we pride ourselves in inventing new features that previously were impossible or difficult to do, manually or through actions. This is without a doubt our core strength, and this new framework enables us to focus entirely on delivering these new innovative tools and workflow enhancers. The base modules that you get for free (once they are ready), are:

Retouching Module

Base tools and upgrades to the current Legacy 2.0 package, such as Eye Help, Healing Tools, Dodge & Burn, Smart Object Tools, Composite Overlays, and more.

Color Correction Module

Tools to help with Color Correction, such as upgraded Gradient Map Maker, Curve Tools, Fixing Saturation issues, and more.

Masking Module

Several tools to help you create and edit masks.

Luminosity Module

Tools aimed at creating and using Luminosity-masks.

Frequency Separation Module

Tools and presets to work with Frequencies and Texture. Including a brand new way of using Frequency Separation that preserves the details.

Export Module

Tools to resize, sharpen, add copyright, clean the document, automatic save to a specified directory, and more.

Workflows and panel layouts

This new framework does not only allow you to customize your panels to fit your workflow fully, but it also allows you to share them with others. We have many exciting collaborations with leading industry professionals, in many different fields of Photography and Retouching. Which will provide you with many options of pre-made workflows and layouts, completely free!


Speed up your workflow
Place what you use the most at the tip of your fingertips.

Reliable and reproducible results
Having a workflow is the only way to produce reliable and reproducible results.

Well tried techniques used by the very best
Learn from the industry leaders by downloading pre-made layouts that will guide you into a well-established workflow.

Honest methods that work both for the beginner and in the professional world
You will find no marketing tricks or “magic” skin smoothing techniques.

Finetune and customize your workflow, on the fly
Since all changes are immediate and do not interrupt your work, you do not have to do the layout in advance. Add to and tweak as you do your day to day work.

Near infinite amount of buttons
The Toolkit 3.0 comes with nine (9) different Photoshop panels, and each can have any number of tabs and sub-tabs. This allows you to set up multiple panels and workflows depending on the type of image you are working on at the moment.


The Retouching Toolkit 3.0 is sold exclusively trough our partner RAWexchange.

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